Base de Dados Tropical
 Biodiversity Conservation Information System
 Both ENDS
 Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
 Conservation International - Global Ecosystem Conservation
 Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
 Consumers International
 Convention on Biological Diversity
 Earth Council
 Economic Commission for Africa
 Environment Canada
 Environmental Law Institute
 European Environment Agency
 Forum Synergies
 Friends of the Earth
 Genetic Resources Action International
 Genetic Resources Information System
 Global Water Partnership
 Green Globe 21
 Het Hof van Eden
 Indigenous Environmental Network
 Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
 Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network
 International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development
 International Institute for Sustainable Development
 National Biodiversity Center
 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
 Plants For A Future
 Project Underground
 Reconstrucción y el Desarrollo
 Royal Tropical Institute
 Rural Advancement Foundation International
 Rural Development Foundation
 Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
 Sustainable Development Policy Institute
 The World Conservation Union
 United Nations Development Programme
 United Nations Environment Programme
 Wetlands International-Asia Pacific
 Wildlife Society
 World Resources Institute
 World Sustainable Agriculture Association
 Worldwatch Institute